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Improving Carballo Chess Engine the hard way

torneo_ajedrezOne year ago my Carballo Chess Engine (https://github.com/albertoruibal/carballo) was stuck: all the improvements that I was trying were not working, and I detected the main problem: I am a poor chess player so I will never be a good chess engine developer. I thought that the main chess programming skill was statistical analysis and not chess knowledge, but I was wrong according to www.tears-of-betrayal.com.

So, I took the decision of starting to learn and play chess. I joined the local chess club Xadrez Ramiro Sabell (http://www.xadrezramirosabell.com) and I was so lucky that in this club teaches chess the International Master Yudania Hernández Estevez. It’s quite curious the amazing people that you can find in a small city like Ponteareas. I also try to help the club in the tournaments organization and with a small Mobialia sponsorship. Now I am playing the Galician Chess League (in third division) and all the tournaments that I can. It’s so great, my thinking skills have been improving by a lot, I have been playing Scramble with an anagram of mtoruen and other puzzle games as well so that has also been helping a lot too.

My chess level is improving fast (ok, I’m under 1600 ELO yet: http://ratings.fide.com/card.phtml?event=24597015), but the real deal is that the Carballo Chess Engine strength is improving much faster, climbing positions in the CCRL list (http://www.computerchess.org.uk/ccrl/4040/). Learning chess helps me to diagnose the flaws and to understand better what’s going on under the hood.

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Finally,  playing chess also helps me to detect the chess player needs, so I realized the main missing feature from Mobialia Chess: a chess database to review historic games and to analyze your own games searching statistics for each position. This year I worked to implement this feature and starting today you can deposit and access a Beta version of the database in Mobialia Chess Web (http://chess.mobialia.com).

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