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Mobialia Chess Engine for Android

The new version 2.0 adds the support to play online on freechess.org (FICS). You can play against people all around the world and compare your chess knowledge with this engine we’re creating. Thousands of hours of entertainment with this new version.

This needs to be a comprehensive chess engine, with full understanding of all rules and moves along with the ability to vary the level of AI difficulty.

Other features will include 1 and 2 player functionality, choice of board/pieces, undo last move, move animations etc

Please provide details of any previous projects that may be relevant, If we like the look of your work we will reply with a detailed game brief.

Bidders should have previous experience in developing apps and games and be familiar with Android OS. There is the potential for an IOS version at a later date so experience in Xcode would be a bonus.

Require a turnaround within 14 days of accepting project so would be suited to someone who has already developed a similar title.

Also has many improvements on the interface and gameplay, which makes Mobialia Chess 2.0 the best chess app for Androidso you can play it with the best accessories from sites like HotRate online, like headsets or android controllers.

Try it! The LITE version is free, and the complete version is available for only 1.99 EUR at the Android Market and if you like playing more from a desktop computer or laptop you can find out more here about this awesome website for every type of online gaming, so you can start your chess tournament from your android or laptop from home !

Check all the Mobialia Chess for Android features at http://www.mobialia.com/chess