Opera Mini 5

operaI’ve been using Opera Mini 4 for 1 year and I prefer it over the Symbian integrated browser because is faster, simpler and smaller. Now Opera announced the avaiability of an Opera Mini 5 Beta. The main new features are:

– Speed Dial with captures of the pages, like in the desktop version. I don’t use Opera for the desktop but the “Speed Dial” plugin for Firefox is one of my favourites. Also Is not very intuitive to edit a dial (pressing 1).
– Tabbed browsing: not very usable, too many clicks to change the tab till I discovered the shortcut (* ->).

    Well, it also has touchscreen support but I couldn’t test it in my N95. I didn’t noticed improvements in page rendering: some pages continue to fail (especially with flash), and I need to see them in the Symbian browser.

    The only inconvenience over the previous version is that the time to load the application has increased a lot and that is a bit less fluid; let’s see if with the final release this is solved. The beta can be downloaded at: