Chromecast vs a HDMI cable (with a MHL adapter)

chromecast_vs_hdmi_cableIt’s been some time since Chromecast was launched in Europe and, despite the hype, I cannot find too much advantages over using a simple HDMI cable with a MHL adapter that you plug in your phone’s MicroUSB (mirroring your phone/tablet screen to the TV screen). Here is my comparative, you will decide if is Chromecast worth it.

Chromecast HDMI cable with a MHL adapter
Price 35€ 12€
Wireless Yes No, it’s a wire 😉 you need to be near your TV (or a long cable)
Router needed Needs a router with Wifi No
Additional development Apps need to implement specific features to use Chromecast You can view in your TV all that you see in your phone screen
Multi-User Yes You need to unplug the cable and plug it to the another device
Phone charging while streaming Needs to plug a charger to the phone Needs to plug a charger to the MHL adapter
Stream your own content from your phone Yes, but normally with paid applications Yes
You can use your phone/tablet while viewing content Yes No, you see in the TV what you are doing in the phone
Play/pause From your phone From your phone
Screen mirroring With lag With almost no lag

Ok, I didn’t bought a Chromecast yet…