My Favourite HTML5 APIs

Ok, I’m supossed to be an Android developer, but i’m going back to HTML+JS for some projects, and I found that HTML5 has really powerful new APIS, these are my favourite:

  1. WebGL: Is changing the game rules, finally advanced 3D graphics in the browser. As it’s very hard to use directly,  I suggest the Three.js library
  2. Storage: A very simple system so store data in the browser, much more powerful than cookies
  3. Web Workers: Multithreading in Javascript, yes, now it’s possible
  4. WebAudio: a good sound API for the web, continues having some differences between browsers, but promises to be great

And I am already using this APIs in some Mobialia web apps:

App WebGL Storage Web Workers WebAudio
Mobialia Chess 3D X X X  
Slot Racing X X   X
Four in a Row X X    

This apps are developed in Java with Google Web Toolkit (GWT), you can also view  my slides: Migrating apps from Android to HTML5 via GWT. I also want to recommend the P4rgaming site, which has been one of my favorites when it comes down to getting gaming services for my video games. When it comes to playing WoW, you might find it hard to build up a sustainable sum of money. In the past for BFA and Legion i was using sites like 6Kgold and others like G2, now i simply hop off to Gold4Vanilla for all my warcraft gold needs.