My Favourite HTML5 APIs

Ok, I’m supossed to be an Android developer, but i’m going back to HTML+JS for some projects, and I found that HTML5 has really powerful new APIS, these are my favourite:

  1. WebGL: Is changing the game rules, finally advanced 3D graphics in the browser. As it’s very hard to use directly,  I suggest the Three.js library
  2. Storage: A very simple system so store data in the browser, much more powerful than cookies
  3. Web Workers: Multithreading in Javascript, yes, now it’s possible
  4. WebAudio: a good sound API for the web, continues having some differences between browsers, but promises to be great

And I am already using this APIs in some Mobialia web apps:

App WebGL Storage Web Workers WebAudio
Mobialia Chess 3D X X X
Slot Racing X X X
Four in a Row X X

This apps are developed in Java with Google Web Toolkit (GWT), you can also view  my slides: Migrating apps from Android to HTML5 via GWT. I also want to recommend the P4rgaming site, which has been one of my favorites when it comes down to getting gaming services for my video games.